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Full text of "In Autumnal Fog - Chapter IV: Alone With The Woods"

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In Autumnal Fog 2010 

Release: February 2011 
Genre: (Dark) Folk, Acoustic, Ambient fog 

All permissions given by the bands and artists to use this songs for this sampler. 

All uses for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited without prior consent of the original 

copyright holder. 


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Bands & Artists: 

01. Woodland Choir 

Track: ''Spring'' 
Country: Hungary 

Myspace: www.nnvspace.conn/woodlandchoir 
Homepage: www. attilabal<os. conn 

"Biography: I founded Woodland Choir bacl< in 1998 with a wish to create fairy music with 
playful nnelodies, as well as nnelancholic songs, and bound then) together in a unique 
style." - Attila Bakos 

Read the full biography here: 
choir/biopraph y/lanps witch lanp/en/ 


Copyright by Woodland Choir 2010 

02. Draumar 

Tr a cl< : "Herbs ttrdum e- Win teranfan g " 
Country: Germany 


Draumar is an orchestral ambient project which introduces primary the impressions of 
winter to musical art, containing orchestra and ambient passages, piano melodies and 
influences of black metal. Started by the young musician Andreas in 2009, Draumar has 
yet released 2 splits as well as his debut album, "Hibernation". His second album will be 
released soon by Karge Welten Kunstverlag and is called "Ein Wintermdrchen". 


Copyright by Roata Sound/Draumar 2010 

03. Art Of Empathy & Q_Snc 

Track: 'Virile Earth'' 
Country: Belgium 

Homepage: www. artofempath v. be 

Q 5nc is the solo project of the Greek keyboard mastermind Vasilios Tsiakalos. He's known 
for his work for metalbands like Unholy Ritual, Daylight Misery, etc. where he's 
responsible for all keys and orchestrations. Besides this, Q_Snc has created a repertoire of 
solo-tracks. He also wrote the score for the shortmovie Panspermia. 

Art Of Empathy is a one man project founded by JefJanssen in Diest, Belgium. It's music 
can be described as a mixture between neofolk and darkwave: grounded on acoustic 
guitars, combined with dreamy or dark synths and whispering, haunting vocals. 
Sometimes dark romantic, sometimes apocalyptic. Always nature-loving, always driven by 

In the epic track 'Virile Earth', Q_Snc and Art Of Empathy join forces. The song is part of 
Art Of Empathy's new album 'Posthuman Decadence'. 

FREE DOWNLOAD 'Vosthuman Decadence": 

http://www.archive.ora/details/Art Of Empathv - Posthuman Decadence 
FREE DOWNLOAD ''Evening Sessions": 

http://www.archive.orci/details/Art Of Empathy - Evening Sessions 

Licensed by Art Of Empathy (2009) 

Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Belgium 

04. Betray-ed 

Tracl<: "Melancholic Mist" 
Country: France 

IVIyspace: www. myspace. com/betrayedofficial 

BETRAY-ED is afrench musical project born in 2005. Frangois, leader, composer, 
keyboardist & singer of the project invites many guests to help him creating an 
atmospheric music filled with many influences, from medieval folk to ambient and Metal. 
After the release of several demo albums & conceptual EPsfrom 2005 to 2008, Betray-Ed 
signed with two different labels : Little Somebody Records, an american small label 
interested in releasing folkish/acoustic releases, and Noori Records, a Portuguese label 
more attracted by the Metal/ambient/darker side of Betray-Ed. The fourth full lenght of 
the band, "An Everlasting Drift", is available for free listen since September 2009. 


Copyright by Betray-ed 

05. Novemthree 

Track: ''Soil Binds Breath And Bone'' 
Country: USA 

Myspace: www. n)y space. con)/noyen)three 

Hailing fron) the beautiful forests of The Northwest, United States, Pythagunnus (under the 
guise of novennthree) sonnberly blends organic and forest folk sounds with an assortnnent 
of acoustic instrunnents, such as: voices, guitar, harp, hurdy gurdy, harnnoniunn, flutes, 
pennywhistles, frame drums, djembe, various bells, shakers and the occasional 

3 Albums for FREE DOWNLOAD @ Bandcamp: 

Copyright by Pythagumus 2010 

06. Stormsterk 

Tracl<: "Shemering" 

Country: Netherlands 




The two-man formation Stormsterk brings energetic Folk Rock, inspired by Northern 
European Folk music and 70s Prog Rock. 

Stormsterk was founded by Mark Kwint some years ago. Inspired by traditional Folk music 
like 'Folkcorn' and heavier bands like 'Otyg' and also influenced by the nature and tales of 
the Veluwe area, he began to write music and lyrics. The ideas piled up but weren't 

Then, after the musical cooperation in the Dark Folk Rock band 'Faelwa ' and the 
completion of the MCD 'Farewell Sun' in 2009, Mark en Jasper began to play more Folk 
music. In a spontaneous way, they began to make songs based on Mark's narrative lyrics. 
With musical input from both members and Jasper's music production skills, one song 
after another was created. 

The music is mostly played on acoustic instruments and supported by drums, bass, 
hammond organ and various non-conventional instruments. Everything is done by Mark 
and Jasper except some guest performances like female vocals and hurdy gurdy. 

In August 2010 they completed their debut album 'Wild en Bijster Land', which contains 11 
songs with various influences. The whole album, including the artwork and production 
was done by the two members. Only some parts were played by guest performers. 
The cd, including a sixteen-page booklet with all the lyrics can be ordered here . The album 
is also available as free download 


Copyright by Stormsterk 2010 

07. Faelwa 

Track: 'The Heron'' 

Country: Netherlands 

Myspace: www. nn y space. con)/ faelwa 



Jasper Strik and Mark Kwint wrote nnusic together since Mark joined the band Jasper 
played in. After a while, they realized they were thinking in a different direction fronn the 
other members, so they decided to go their own way. 

When parting with this band they also put aside the electric guitars and keyboards 
because they felt more comfortable with a more organic sound. As they share much love 
for nature, they choose for a nature-romantic approach when writing new music. 

Their goal is to write music where melancholic feelings ore intensified. It's about 
approaching grief in a positive way without turning it to the opposite. How they archieved 
this can be heard on their EP 'Farewell Sun'. This piece of dark music was released in 2009. 


Copyright by Faelwa 2009 

08. Eftwyrd 

Tracl<: ''An den Tod" 
Country: Germany 

IVIyspace: www. m y space. com/eftwyrd 

EFTWYRD was founded 2009 in Kiel from Sebastian Braun and David Vardeh after the 
splitting-up of the Band MUNARHEIM. The style of their music is somewhere between 
Folk-and Blackmetal with lyrics which are inspired by the Naturromantik movement. 

Their first CD was published by our own in May 2010. 

A first full-length-Album is scheduled for spring 2011. 


Copyright by Eftwyrd 2010 

09. Weidenbaum 

Track: ''Ruf der Schwinken (Akustik Version^ 
Country: Germany 

Homepage: www, weidenbaum-metal. de 

Weidenbaum was formed in spring 2004. After a few months the first album "Ein Ausflug 
in zeitlose Gefilde"(A foray to timeless realms) was recorded, but shortly after finishing it, 
the entire album was discarded and the focus was laid on creating new material. After 
months of songwriting, recording and arranging the second album "Nebellieder und 
Nachtrdume" was released in November 2008. The recordings of the successor "Raue 
Winde und blasse Schwingen" took place between summer 2008 and spring 2009. The 
album was based on lyrics and themes that were written between 2006 and 2008. "Raue 
Winde und blasse Schwingen" featured Alvar Eldron(Autumnblaze, Sidewaytown) on clean 
Vocals and was released in September 2009 by "Dusterwald Produktionen". 


Copyright by Weidenbaum 2010 

10. Keldar 

Track: 'The Jolly Sailor'' 
Country: Germany 

IVIyspace: www. myspace. com/keldarmusic 

The main inspirations of Keldar are nature, myths and fairytales. The music of is a blend of 
light and shadow, joy and reflection, sense and nonsense, this world and the other. The 
end of the story is a mixture of medieval, folky and experimental melodies - sprinkled with 
fairydust and a troll-cherry on top. 


Copyright by Keldar 2010 

11. The Hare And The Moon 

Track: 'The Rolling Of The Stones'' 
Country: UK 

Myspace: www.nnvspace.conn/thehareandthennoon 

THE HARE AND THE MOON are an Anglo-Scots duo with a preference for interpreting 
those traditional British ballads which involve nnurder, nnadness, ghosts and the occasional 
talking raven. This is then nnarried to a backdrop of twisted folk nnusic involving nnandolins 
and loud guitars. "The Rolling Of The Stones (Pebbles And Sand)" is taken fronn "The Grey 
Ma I kin" which is available, along with The Hare And The Moon's debut album, from 


Copyright by The Hare And The Moon 2009 

12. Skorben 

Tracl<: 'When Forests Fall Asleep'' 
Country: Ukraine 

IVIyspace: www. m yspace. com/skorben 

Copyright by Skorben 2010 

13. Obiymy Doschu 

Track: ''Samotni Nochi" 
Country: Ukraine 

IVIyspace: www. m yspace. com/obiym ydosch u 
Homepage: www. rain. in. ua/en.html 

Obiymy Doschu.. (06iuiv\u JJ,ouji,y, eng. Rain's Embrace) is a band from Kiev, Ukraine that 
plays very lyrical, autumnal rock music with progressive rock, neoclassic, neofolk and 
doom metal influences. 

The debut album ''Elehia" was released 2009 as free download; their new single 
''Svitanok" is now also available on the homepage . 


Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No-Derivative-Works 3.0 


Photography by Vacuela . Thanks!